Elder Care Services Fee Schedule

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~Fee Schedule~

LSW, RN or LGSW Case Managers

$42.50 per hour

Case Manager Assistants

$28 per hour

LSW, RN or LGSW Emergency Contact

$28 per month
Access to Case Manager 24/7.
Includes 15 minute monthly phone call or visit.

Guardianship/Health Care Agent

$48 per hour


Regular hourly rate + IRS standard mileage rate. Client must be able to transfer in and out of sedan-style car with minimal assistance.

Additional charges for evenings, weekends, and holidays.
Expenses such as lodging, meals, copies, etc. are billed at cost.

Please contact us for information, or to schedule a free 1/2-hour initial meeting with a Case Manager to discuss how our services may be helpful. (Free 1/2 hour meeting does not apply to consultations, assessments, family conferences, or care conferences.)

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